The Thrifted, Resized and High Waisted Skirt

I know…I could’ve at least ironed the skirt before we took a photo of it. But look, I had to change wardrobes in a kid friendly park.  You can’t be picky when you’re dealing with indecent exposure laws–and by model, our State is a bit unclear on what is appropriate.

This skirt is the result from yet another Goodwill trip.  The color of this skirt made me pick it up and the quality of the fabric made me actually pull out the dollah bills, with the plan of refashioning it to fit me-in shape and style of course.

Before I took in the side seams of the skirt, it was one large, pleated rectangle and was not flattering by any means.  I thought about shaping this like a pencil skirt but quite honestly, where do I wear these cute pencil skirts I have? The grocery store.  So, I chose to shape this for everyday wear, and I love it so much more for it’s versatility in my “stay-at-home” life.

And lastly,  I shortened the length of the skirt in which, I think, any schoolmarm would approve.

If you have been wanting to resize/refashion clothing then thrifting is the best way to practice.  This skirt was $2.50 so it takes the fear out of screwing it up.  “…How long before you screw it up, and how many times do I have to tell you, to hurry up” –Hey Hey, name that little ditty or artist. I’ll be singing this all day now.

Happy Monday!


Photography by Englexas

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Triangle Sleeve Top (Refashion)

It was a Saturday; I was in Goodwill singing along to Ace of Base, and I found this blouse.  Talkin’ about a good day! I know…my weekends are CRAZY.  I mean, you don’t wanna know how crazy I can get while thrifting at 10am.  (Yeah, yeah, I’m a mom, and I blog…moving on…)

Always looking for a light weight fabric that I can wear now in the summer and then can layer in the colder seasons.  I loved the print so I knew it had potential even it if was an XL and had “power” shoulder pads.


And here it is after I got a hold of it.

1. Removed shoulder pads and shortened the width of the shoulder where the sleeve would now sit in the correct spot

2.  Shortened the length of the sleeves to quarter length and added a sheer triangle to the top, middle of sleeves.

3.  Took in side seams for closer fit and added a split at bottom side seams to give the top a little more shape.

I liked how the triangle was sheer on the sleeve.  It helped this modest shirt have a bit of edge to it, right? Ha, you know, I actually used the sheer from a lingerie piece I never wore.  Now, seriously…I think it gets more use this way. *wink*

At the last minute, I decided to paint the white buttons black using fabric paint.  It was a good call because I love the contrast.

  I have too many old clothes just sitting here ready to be refashioned.  More to come!

So, what do you think?

Photography by Englexas

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Rolling Stone Vest

I saw this lace vest at ModCloth and yeah, I wanted it…but …

“well, no, you can’t always get what you want”

I went to the thrift store to browse for stuff, and I found some lace curtains for a buck.

“but if you just try sometimes you just might find, you get what you neeeeed.”

Those curtains were what I needed, and in the end, I got what I wanted.  

Life is a rolling stone.

Look Memaw, I’m wearing your curtains!


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Itty Bitty Peach and Lace

Remember when Mindy shared with us her sweet gender reveal? Well, the baby girl is here! And  after I saw that adorable, chunky face, I knew she needed a little peach and lace.

I had picked up a white table runner awhile back at the antique store hoping refashion it into something girly. It made the perfect peek-a-boo bodice and bottom trim.

If wondering, the back is identical to the front.

(gasp…those cheeks…kiss kiss!)

Welcome to the world Lowenne Everly!

I want to share this pattern with you because it is so stinkin’ easy and cute!

Thanks to MadeByRae, it’s a free pattern that can be used for premies, and newborn-6m which is hard to find patterns that small.  (Please note that this pattern is for personal use only)

Here is the same pattern that I used last Summer for another baby girl.